First Class Oil

L’Olier Olive oil is an oil subjected to rigorous production and processing controls, we control the olive from the tree, also during the harvesting process, during the grinding process and until it reaches our consumer in the form of this top quality oil.

Our Grinding follows a process that preserves all the natural properties of the fruit, and the result of all this is L’Olier: a natural fruit juice.

Extra virgin

L’Olier’s Olive oil is the result of the first pressing of the olives and is always extracted by mechanical procedures and at low temperature (<27ºC) It is fruity and a bit acid (between 0.01º and 0.3º). It is a virgin olive oil that, due to its exceptional quality, is called "extra". The degree of quality is given by physico-chemical and organoleptic parameters.

Proximity product

L’Olier’s olive oil is a proximity product, the result of the efforts of the farmers of the Torms. Olive oil is a very important balanced food in the Mediterranean diet.

But not all oils are the same, their quality, taste and aroma depend on the varieties of the olives, the climate, the soil and the way they are harvested.

Excellent characteristics

Olier’s extra virgin olive oil is considered one in the highest category because it is obtained from Arbequina olives only by mechanical procedures, which results in an oil with excellent organoleptic characteristics that can be consumed directly and it keeps all its aroma and flavor.

L’Olier’s oil is indispensable in raw-based cuisine, but also for frying and even for desserts.